New TV Ad, Reveal the Truth about Knute Buehler’s Record

New TV Ad, Reveal the Truth about Knute Buehler’s Record

BEND, Ore. – Oct. 12, 2016 – A new ad is on air and a new website, highlights Republican Knute Buehler’s record in the Oregon Legislature to Bend-area voters.

Throughout his two years in the Oregon House of Representatives, Buehler has voted overwhelmingly with Republican Party leadership and corporate special interest to the detriment of working families in Bend. He claims to be independent and a moderate, but his record suggests otherwise. highlights the following:

  • Buehler voted against the law to help make housing more affordable in Bend [SB 1533].
  • Buehler voted against paid sick leave for working people, putting mothers and fathers in the position of having to choose between taking care of a sick child and putting food on the table [SB 454]
  • Buehler opposes making big corporations pay their fair share to fund our schools. [Buehler Facebook page, 5/23/16] And he’s pocketed over $137,000 in campaign cash from big corporate contributors. [SOURCE: Oregon Secretary of State, Elections Division]

A new television ad, which begins airing today, further highlights Buehler’s disappointing record for Bend. Click here to view the ad and

Republican Buehler is running against Democrat Gena Goodman-Campbell for House District 54. Democratic voter registration has increased dramatically in the last two years with Democrats now holding an 11 percent registration edge over Republicans.   

Goodman-Campbell is a third generation Oregonian who has spent her career working to protect Central Oregon’s natural heritage. She led the successful effort to designate the Oregon Badlands Wilderness Area by bringing together environmental groups and business to find common ground.

In Salem, Goodman-Campbell will focus on what matters to Bend families: leveling the playing field so that big corporations pay their fair share to fund our schools, and supporting policies like paid sick days, family leave, and affordable housing that support working families and allow Bendites to live and thrive in their community.

To learn more about Democrat Gena Goodman-Campbell, visit