Oregon House Democrats Call on Republican Candidates to Condemn Trump

Despite National Condemnation of Trump, Oregon House Republicans Silent
Republican candidates continue to evade or avoid the question

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oct. 9, 2016 – Oregon House Democrats called on Republican candidates throughout the state to condemn Donald Trump’s lewd and vile comments about women and once and for all let Oregonians know who they are supporting for president.

In spite of a wave of condemnation from national Republicans on the recently released video recording of Trump, Republican candidates for the Oregon House have largely stayed silent, even despite the ongoing barrage of offensive, bigoted comments from the Republican standard-bearer.

“As the former chief of the Gresham Police Department, and a career spent in law enforcement, I have seen firsthand the damage that sexual assault causes,” said Representative Carla Piluso, D-Gresham. “The kind of activities Republican Donald Trump described in that video are textbook sexual assault. To call his comments inappropriate do not even begin to describe how heinous they are. This is no longer an issue of politics, it is an issue of integrity and values.”

Republican candidates for the Oregon House who refuse to say who they are voting for include:

  • House District 20 – Laura Morett – Republican candidate in House District 20 has simply refused to answer the question from thePortland Tribune and the Oregonian on her support of Donald Trump.
  • House District 22 – Patti Milne – Republican candidate in House District 22 told the Portland Tribune she was undecided and wouldn’t say when the Oregonian asked. It is still unclear who she is voting for.
  • House District 24 – Ron Noble – Republican candidate for House District 24 has told the Oregonian and Portland Tribune that he is undecided.  It is unclear who Noble is voting for.
  • House District 26 – Rich Vial – Republican candidate in House District 26 refuses to tell voters who he is voting for. He even told the Portland Tribune: “I won’t comment about Donald Trump.”
  • House District 30 – Dan Mason – Republican candidate in House District 30 refused to answer the question from the Oregonian. Mason was a delegate to the Republican National Convention.
  • House District 37 – Julie Parrish – Republican candidate in House District 37 is refusing to tell voters who she is voting for.
  • House District 40 – Evon Tekorius – Republican candidate in House District 40 has not said who she is voting for this November.
  • House District 51 – Lori Chavez-DeRemer – Republican candidate in House District 51 has refused to stand up to Trump and has yet to say who she is voting for.
  • House District 52 – Mark Johnson – Republican candidate in House District 52 has said he is not endorsing in the Presidential race but has refused to tell the Oregonian and the Portland Tribune who he is voting for.
  • House District 54 – Knute Buehler – Although Republican Knute Buehler has condemned Trump he has not yet told the people of his district who he is voting for.

“Donald Trump’s language has made supporting him a question of values,” said Oregon House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson. “Even now, House Republicans refuse to condemn Trump when he casually advocates sexually assaulting women.

“Today, we are calling on Republican candidates for the Oregon House to stand up for what’s right and let Oregonians know, once and for all, who they are voting for president this November.  We can only assume their silence means they are voting for Donald Trump.”

To learn more about Democratic candidates for the Oregon House, visit FuturePAC.org.