President Obama Endorses Eight Democrats for the Oregon House of Representatives

President Obama Endorses Eight Democrats for the Oregon House of Representatives
Support underscores the crucial nature of these races

WASHINGTON, D.C. — October 25, 2016 —Today, President Barack Obama endorsed eight candidates for the Oregon House of Representatives. These candidates represent some of the crucial contests in Oregon among a select group of state legislative candidates from around the country to be endorsed by the President.

These contests have caught national attention due to their importance in maintaining the Democratic majority in the Oregon House of Representatives.

In Oregon, President Obama has endorsed:

  • Teresa Alonso Leon – House District 22
  • Jennifer Williamson – House District 36
  • Paul Southwick – House District 37
  • Tawna Sanchez – House District 43
  • Tina Kotek – House District 44
  • Barbara Smith Warner – House District 45
  • Janelle Bynum – House District 51
  • Gena Goodman Campbell – House District 54

“We are thrilled that President Obama is endorsing our candidates in some of the most competitive races across the country,” said Jessica Post, Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “His endorsement highlights how crucial state legislative elections are to building on the progress the President has achieved and to continuing to move our nation forward.”

Oregon House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson was among the candidates receiving an endorsement from Obama.

“These endorsements highlight the work Democrats are doing in Oregon to help working families,” Williamson said. “From Motor Voter, to paid sick leave, to increasing the minimum wage, Oregon House Democrats are working hard to move Oregon forward. We are honored to have the recognition and support of President Obama.”

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