Rep. Jennifer Williamson Statement on Election Night 2017 Results

Rep. Jennifer Williamson Statement on Election Night Results
Democrats swamp Republicans across the country

PORTLAND, Ore. – Nov. 8, 2017 – Following Democratic election victories across the country on Tuesday night, Oregon House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson released the following statement:

“What election results from Virginia, Washington, and all over the country showed was that when Democrats put forward ideas for governing for all people, they win. Tuesday night is a repudiation of the Republican ideology that would give tax cuts to corporations and millionaires, take health care away from millions of people, roll back environmental protections, and take away the civil rights of the most vulnerable in our society.”

“We are now one year from 2018 elections, and Oregon House Democrats face big opportunities and big challenges. With open seats across the state, we have a chance to do even greater work and build on the successes of recent sessions. More than the negative, empty rhetoric being pushed by Republicans, we have actually raised the minimum wage, expanded worker protections, ensured women have equal access to reproductive health care, and fought to protect our environment.”

“We’re more energized than ever to fight hard for every seat in the Oregon House of Representatives. If last night is any indicator, a hard fought year will be a good one for Oregon House Democrats.”

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