FuturePAC Celebrates Strong Field of Democratic House Candidates

FuturePAC Celebrates Strong Field of Democratic House Candidates

General election field includes a majority of female candidates

SALEM – As the polls closed on Tuesday night, Oregon House Democrats celebrated a strong field of candidates in districts all over Oregon, including, for the first time in memory, a majority of female candidates.

“From Astoria to Bend, Medford to Salem, Wilsonville to Hood River, Oregonians are energized and ready for strong Democratic leadership,” said Oregon House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland). “People are tired of divisive rhetoric and looking for leadership that actually gets things done for them.”

Oregon House Democrats are fighting for working Oregonians by giving them a much needed raise, ensuring every worker has access to paid sick leave, increasing government transparency and accountability, passing the most inclusive reproductive health care policy in the country, fighting to protect Oregon’s beautiful natural spaces, and building a better environment for every small business owner.

This year, FuturePAC, the campaign arm for the House Democratic caucus, has fielded candidates in 55 of 60 House Districts, including 30 female candidates.

“Oregonians from every walk of life are stepping up because they want to build a better future for everyone,” Williamson said. “Moving Oregon forward will require us to come together and fight for what’s right: better public schools, healthcare for all, and the chance for everyone to achieve their American Dream.”

Among the outstanding Democratic candidates are:

As Republicans face backlash for pushing extreme policies to rollback access to healthcare and stop sensible gun violence prevention legislation, and are tied to an unpopular president and Congress, more than 40 state legislative seats across the country have flipped from Republican to Democrat.

“The enthusiasm we’re seeing is proof that the work we are doing to stand up for equity and fairness for every Oregonian is resonating,” Williamson added. “We are committed to ensuring that the national momentum carries through to Oregon.”

To learn more about FuturePAC and the House Democratic candidates, visit FuturePAC.org.