Republican House Candidate Accused of Illegally Offering Food

Republican House Candidate Accused of Illegally Offering Food

PORTLAND – An elections complaint filed today against Republican Justin Hwang, candidate for Oregon House District 49, alleges his campaign violated state law prohibiting giving something of value for no charge with the intent to influence how a person votes or other political activity.

Hwang, who owns the Joy Teriyaki restaurant chain, is accused of repeatedly advertising free food for attendees of campaign events.

“Though giving away free chicken teriyaki bowls may seem trivial, giving people something of value for free to encourage them to support your campaign is a very serious matter,” House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson said.

According to the Secretary of State, the three elements that must be present in order for a thing of value to constitute undue influence:

  • The item must be an item of value;
  • The item must be advertised or otherwise promoted as available as an inducement; and
  • The inducement must be to get a person to take an action restricted by statute

On at least two occasions, Hwang’s campaign offered an item of value, promoted it as an inducement, all in an attempt to get people to meet and presumably support his candidacy.

“This seems to be a clear cut violation of state law by Justin Hwang,” Williamson added. “I hope the Secretary of State promptly investigates this matter.”

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